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We raise Shih tzu's in our home with lots of love and care....
When the puppies are ready to go home they have the social skills to adapt to people and other animals...... We are breeders of Shih Tzu.... The love we have for our Babie's are the best kinda love in the world....... All of our Shih Tzu's live in our home with us and are raised “under foot”. We want to share with you the gift of loving and owning a Shih Tzu! If you have never owned a Shih Tzu, you are in for a treat! Shih Tzu's are highly intelligent, loyal, playful and will love every member of your family. Very human-like in their behavior,

 We are a American Kennel Club-certified breeders. Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business. We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 
  Along with a gift package of a crate, toys, outfit, food, and extras to start you out with your baby. you also get their registration papers also A complete Vet check and signed Health certificate along with shots.Our face book are Susan Patnaude Rosato Or Rocco Rosato And Shelly Ward. Our cell is 603-818-1316...603-661-3886 We are in Florida but we drive our litters to NH by Our new Car-Go Van that we purchase to help make a cleaner and safe trip for Our baby's.Also My family is all in Derry N.H.  To make you feel safer about who we are .. I want you to know that Our love for God is so strong and we have him guide us through all of this. .. Right now I have litters in both NH and florida. 

 Bentley & Blackie Friends 4-ever