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Blackie is my number one Boy he goes every where with me and If I leave with out him he cries till I am home. He has stolen all of my heart and I never loved like I love him. He is my world.Little Bodie his son looks just like him but pint size.
 Pookie : he is my Love my new male and Sophie's best friend I got him to mate with lucys daughter sophie who also is a big plus in the next year to come I am so excited about Brook,  Gabby, Lou Lou,  Pookie and Sophie they are all my new Line. Look Out 2019 as it will be rocking 
 Sophie : is Lucy Sue girl she all white and blue eyes I kept her and got Pookie to mate with her. Sophia is one beautiful girl and is always so happy let the puppy always be in her.
She makes everyone that visits us think they are her number one friend as she gets so happy just to gives Licks and hugs to them all. 
Lucy sue 
  Lucy is so pretty with blue eyes and all white i wish i could get a good picture of her eyes they are so blue.. she is a Daddy's girl has to be near Rocco always. But thats ok i will share One  !
Lou-Lou is a very calm dog who just wants to be a peace maker she try's to keep all her sisters calm by licking them when they get upset. She is not one to play rough but don't think she can't take care of herself . She would just rather kick back. Lou-Lou is always going to be with us as she is such a peace maker with them all... 
​                  Brook 
Brook is  about 7- 8 lbs  and for a little one she is a spit fire. Brook finds herself being put in  time out alot more than the rest, as she hates to share toys. She will give up all her food but Don't touch her toys. She loves to climb so gets into a wicked lot, but when she is sleeping all curl up you just want to wake with kisses, she loves to sleep on her back. (Smile) Brook is my biggest love she hooked to my Hip. Love Love love her 
.Ella is the best MOMMY ever She never wants to leave the baby's and when I have to take her out of there she cry's. If she could she would care for them forever. She had the hardest time as they left as she would search for days for the missing puppy.

  Wow where do i start this girl is one of kind she is the cleanest girl ever if she gets dirty look out she will raise a ruckus till she has her bath. She loves her babys more than anything also and guess what they are clean too as Mommy makes sure of that . Amber is the girl who makes everyone happy.. hugs to my girl Amber   

Anna banana , fits her all the way .she has more energy than all the dogs put together and loves to play  and be silly all the time. Don't try in take a nap around her as she will wake you right up. Anna banana has the softest coat I have seen and she is a 3-tone  color. her Mom is Molly and i feel Molly by her ways.
She will be a pretty mom. And I can't wait to see her baby's 
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She is one of my tiny's and for 7 lb's she really show's off . One can't help but fall in love with her as she will just kiss you like no tomorrow .. my little Love bug for sure. 
 She has had one litter and not one looked a liked .. Angel is her nick name as she was reg. as Rita but having a Rita already she became our angel because of her Blue / green eyes.
  A little treat will have her in your arms forever. 
Bodi : This is how you spell Love ---- Wow I can't even express how lucky I am to have this little guy. He is the Apple of my eye.
Out of all my babies he is the most gentle one , he talks softly and is just one that will steal all hearts. Bodi is about 6 lbs full grown. He is the son of Katie Rose, and Blackie.
He was born really small and I had to hand nurse him till he was about 3 months Him in little Bella were only a few weeks apart and both needed extra help to make it. My heart was stolen by both So Yup I sure did I kept them. ANd I am so happy I did. 

                Max the Million

Check out my new stud Boy he is so beautiful and sweet all rolled into one.
  Liver has always been my favorite color with the green eyes and liver nose. I can't wait till his first litter is born. 
  Max may be replacing blackie as the puppy maker but Blackie will always be the king of the home and of my heart..... 
  I am so happy with my choice on getting Max. 

  Meet Sid Dollar ::

    All the Girl's love him and Not only is he the best baby maker but he throw's lot's of Females

Sid is such a lover not only to his mates but to us he is one that loves to sit behind when i am at the computer and watch the screen or he will be laying next to Rocco as he jams out to his Guitar 

This little guy is going to be a daddy to a few up coming litter's 
             Lilly Marie     

Lilly is another tiny and 6-7 lb's but she is the best girl ever . I am so in love with her and her I she has to sit with me every chance she can and lets everyone else know she is the Queen here. 

Even though I love them all the same she is mostly the one right next to me.  
 Max the Million 

GIGI is the calmest one of all my dogs she will keep playing even if a fight were to break out . She is just happy to be here no matter what . she is 8 lb's and when it is TV time she will be OK with laying by your feet and not on the lap. what a sweet girl 

  This little girl was such a spit fire as a puppy I never saw a puppy run so much as she did with all her leaps and bounds she  made us laugh . Her favorite place was in the basket of laundry and she would not get out when we needed to fold them. she is calming right down as she gets older but every once in a while you will see her fly right by you.I love her size she is 14 lbs . 
 Lilly Marie

Gabrielle who we call Gabby is such a little Priness here. She is golden brindle color with pretty gold's and brown's. Gabby never sleeps in the same room each night she makes her rounds one night in my room than off to my living  room the next night wants a stay over at Aunt Debbies. She feels she has to share her love with us all. I should have named her goldie locks who tried out all the beds.