We breed for health and nature of the puppy, Not for AKC or Ckc or color all dogs are are of equal as are puppy's . 
  We want you to have the best nature babies you ever had. And to know they are very healthy is way beyond one's breeding for show or size.
 At 3 weeks old, We start hand feeding them with a syringe of baby rice cereal and this not only fills the baby but it calms them and it teaches them to sleep through the night without a feeding from the mom . This also breaks their nature like one does a horse as when we first start they squirm so bad to get away and once they know what this does they relax and want more. This helps them to learn to hold their bladder also.
  Than we start pee-pad training them We do use a pee pad for the simple fact that they are going to a new home where there are new people, new rooms, doors, and windows, and no more of who they knows or where they been also their sibling left them and they needs a safety net of a  place they know what to do. This helps you to know when they need to go than  when  they are heading towards the pee pad it is time to get them out side.
  So by this we have around the clock time invested into our babies when you see that their fur is snow white because they are raised in cleanness that takes a lot of work also but all of this extra work brings you what you have been searching for.
You will get a sign health certificate from my Vet along with a complete check up and up to date shots and wormed and fecal tested.  You will receive a one year health guarantee from us .
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