I do Live In Spring hill Florida Part time  and I am also in Manchester  NH part time. But I am willing to meet you or even bring the Puppy to Derry NH. Which is the town I am from and all of my family lives there.
When I wanted to get more into my Breeding I had to find a bigger home as at that time I was living in a much to small home to house more than 2-3 dogs in. My Mother at age 84 stop visiting in NH and we had to visit her in Florida . Seeing that this was hard on her I knew I wanted to be close to her as much as I could be . So because of wanting to be close to my mom and  At this point in my life I wanted to semi retire, I knew because of the high taxes on homes and the price of a new home in NH. I had to search else where and that is how I came to Spring hill Florida .
I truly miss NH and my family .I am very Lucky to have 3 children in NH as this provides a 2nd  home for me when in NH.  I feel so blessed that I have my babies to keep busy.  I tell the puppy's a story as they grow about  how we will be taking a long ride to a  place where I am from and they will meet their New family and be more happy  than they ever knew. I pray to my Lord, asking that he  help's us find the home's for all my babies  and I also pray for a safe and healthy journey during our travels. 603-818-1316

I am going to list some of my Veterinarians:
Lockridge Vet Manchester NH 603-624-4378
Wadleigh falls Vet Phone: (603) 659-3755 Lee NH
Deerfield vet jen and Dr George Tel: (603) 463-7775
Chester vet Maine (207) 794-2706
Animal Hospital Houlton Maine (207) 532-4800

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